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Get the results you want online using proven marketing strategies that work!

Win new business faster with promotions that bring measurable results (and skip the rest)!

Whether you’re launching a new product, need more customers, or simply want to boost sales through effective channels, leveraging marketing proven to work is essential to outpace your competition.

Certain digital marketing tactics are well tested and proven effective for business growth. The wrong tactics will simply waste a bunch of your time and money without measurable business growth.

The right tactics will get your message in front of the right people who actually need and want your products and services.

Let us help you showcase your brand and your unique products or services online. We will help you boost leads and sales even fast with targeted ads, and a multi-channel marketing strategies that are effective for growing sales in a predictable manner over time.

We specialize in helping small business owners leverage marketing that's effective, bringing your business new leads and new customers that boost your profits.

Effective marketing is the driver of leads into sales. Let us help you rev-up your marketing engine so your sales team has more opportunities to close new business.

Marketing isn’t simply an important part of business success – it is the primary driver of business. Everything else in the business depends upon effective marketing. 

Mark Cuban (of SharkTank), and owner of the Dallas Mavericks puts it as succinctly as possible: “No leads, no sales. No sales, no company.”

The Sales Machine

Does Your Website Accurately Reflect Your Brand, and Tell Your Story?

Leverage the Psychology of Influence and Persuasion... by "Story-Selling"!

Understand the underlying science that makes storytelling one of the most effective ways to win the hearts and minds of your target audience. Engaging stories cause people to listen to your message as they get to know, like and trust your business. 

“Good content entertains & engages with its intended audience…

…but GREAT content converts its intended audience into BUYERS and raving fans of your brand.”  

Your Website is a virtual store front for your business, and buyers take notice.

Your website requires just as much care and attention as any physical location. Today, your online brand image is more important than ever before.

Having a visually appealing website that reflects your brand is essential, but you also need engaging content and built-in sales funnels or sales systems that produce results.

We build websites with both brand image and effective marketing as top priorities.

First we work with you to understand your sales process, the competitive landscape,  the lifetime value of your customers, and what your best prospects are looking for. We need to know how much you are willing to spend to acquire the perfect new customer, one that results in more profits for your business.

Then we customize your website by telling your story(s) and integrating the marketing tools that are needed to get you the best return on your investment.

AZ Direct specializes in completely customized websites that accurately reflect your brand and tell your story, with easy to use content management systems like WordPress that automate your marketing processes and help generate revenue.

Have a new 2022 Tech Website Designed, Built, and Launched Live within 30 - 60 Days!

We specialize in fully custom websites (built with award-winning elementor pro), with easy to use WordPress content management systems that enable you to easily manage and update your own content and build product lead funnels to generate leads and sales faster.   Request a free consultation.

Today any website design imaginable can be built. So let's make your website design great!

Your website design and contents must accurately reflect your Brand, and highlight the unique value your business brings customers. Done right your site will work overtime to support your entire team, to showcase your company and the benefits you bring to the market.  Double your business with a great website.

Sugarwood Services, LLC
Rapp's Packaging
Mountaineer Woodcraft
Nigro Ankle and Foot Care Centers
Sport Fishing St. John, USVI
Leaf Pest Control
Italian Village Pizza
Feast Catering, Portland
Lin's Garden Restaurant
The Big Fish Contracting Co
Fort Pitt Exterminators
Pensacola Beach Rentals
Skin Rejuve Esthetics
Skin Rejuve Esthetics - NY
Specialty Construction Inc
McCrossins Landing Marina

Need help getting your share of new business from the Internet?

Let us help you stop your competitors from stealing away new business that should be yours.

We streamline the work required to optimize your brand assets online, to better educate and engage your future customers in the right way so that they are more inclined to do business with you.

Digital Marketing done right works! Schedule your FREE consultation Now.​

Enhancing your website's pages for Google and the other Search Engines

Research shows that the first page of search results see about 95% of all search traffic. Unfortunately for competing businesses Google makes sure that those Page One listings are earned by the authority figures and market leaders who provide the most value.

One of the most fundamental aspects of Internet marketing is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Using online tools for keyword research, On-Page SEO is a process of adding keyword-rich data into the code of every web page to help Google/Yahoo/Bing and others understand your pages’ contents.

Done correctly this will help position your site’s pages higher in search engine results, giving your website greater exposure to targeted visitors (i.e., more free organic web traffic to your website). That’s more visitors to your site that can eventually convert into paying customers.

On-page SEO helps search engines understand your website better, to gauge if your content is directly relevant to people seeking for information online using a set of keywords or keyword phrase.

Google Hardware Store Near Me

This is where you want to be

Today You need Schema Markup, or "Structured Data" also is the result of collaboration between Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo! to help website owners provide the information their search engines need to understand your content and provide the best search results possible for users.

Adding Schema markup to your HTML code improves the way your web pages are displayed in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Schema markup enhances the rich snippets that are displayed beneath the page title when people use a search engine to find information.

Don’t worry about all of this, we’re pros… and we’ll take care of if for you. Call us.

Structured Data Mark-up

Paid Traffic is How the Serious Businesses Accelerate Customer Acquisition & Growth

“The business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.” – Dan Kennedy

You’ve probably heard it a million times  – that you need target market visitor traffic,  plus good lead-gen and a good sales process to grow your business with new sales online.

There’s also more than a strong chance that you’ve seen the “best traffic debate”; free vs. paid traffic and why one is better than the other.

The truth is, the best traffic is the one that gets you results fast at a positive ROI (return on investment)!

With that said, there is no question that paid traffic will get you results faster than any free traffic you may earn from SEO and Social Media.

Paid traffic is a performance-driven strategy that, when orchestrated correctly, has the potential to boost your customer acquisition more rapidly than you had ever dreamed possible.

Conventional business wisdom will tell you that it’s the job of every entrepreneur and business owner to maximize profits by acquiring clients as cheaply as possible and selling the most to them. That makes more sense, right?

So, why does Dan Kennedy suggest that you actually spend “as much as necessary” to acquire customers…, and how does this help you win?

Businesses that spend the most will change their customers and their services. They spend a bit more and in doing so they cut through the mass market of customers to the narrower pool of preferred target customers; their marketing nurtures a relationship that builds value; when it comes time to sell, they sell can sell for higher prices (and higher profit), and (more importantly) they sell ongoing over the lifetime of the client.

And because they are willing to spend more, there is considerably fewer competitors vying for this customer which means less price competition and more customer loyalty.

Paid Traffic Growth
Implicit within Dan Kennedy’s quote are five concepts that are critical to understanding what he means:
  • It’s not just about paying more; it’s about being willing to pay for the right customer
  • It’s not just about paying more; it’s about paying more relative to your competitor
  • It’s not just about paying more; it’s about paying more while still being profitable
  • It’s not just about paying more; it’s about building a long-term relationship with a customer and building a greater lifetime value for your customers
  • It’s not just about paying more; it’s about investing heavily in meeting the customer for the first time and then continuing to invest heavily in nurturing the relationship with the customer to ascend them through a long-term lifetime sales funnel

Smart business owners narrow their niche and then build a moat around it to keep competitors away. Then they develop a long-term relationship to boost lifetime value.

Accelerate your business growth with paid traffic

  • Compelling Search, Display, Social, Video, and Native Ads
  • Pre-Sell Engagement Pages
  • Single-Purpose Landing Pages Optimized for Conversions
  • Complete Sales Funnels with Up-Sales & Cross-Sales
  • eCommerce Product Details Pages & Shopping Carts 

Are You Actively Managing & Boosting Your Online Brand Image, and Reputation?

Studies show that 80% of today’s consumers are influenced by reviews and information they find online.

A positive online reputation is more important than ever for every business. Businesses with poor reviews and negative articles about them will likely struggle to find new customers.

To ensure their reputations stay positive, or to repair those that aren’t in the best of shape, many businesses are turning to online reputation companies for help. Our job is to employ a wide range of reputation management tactics to help make sure your online image will continue to attract new consumers.

Reputation has always been a form of currency. In today’s digital world, however, our reputations are more important — and more permanent — than ever before.

As we continue to place more trust in search results, the importance of maintaining and managing our online reputation grows. We’ve moved from the age of information to the age of reputation.

These perceptions will define you. This means that what’s out there matters — and it will continue to matter. The news cycle may evolve quickly, but your digital footprint never disappears.

5-Star Reviews

Let us help you enhance your brand image and  your reputation online. Contact us for a free consultation.

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We have spent a lot of time (and money) figuring out what works and what’s a big waste of time and money.

Together let’s design a predictable selling system that works for your business growth.​

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